Total Body RESET

Total Body RESET is a 12-week online and local workout program offering a group or private setting, with all the same benefits that will motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Through individualized training sessions, workouts designed for all fitness levels and tools to kick that stinkin’ thinkin’ to the curb, you’ll challenge yourself, have fun, and reach your full fitness potential in a positive environment through a systematic, proven program.

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Kickin’ Asphalt

Whether you’re ready to run your first 5K or your first half marathon, Kickin’ Asphalt local and virtual running program will help you run faster, longer, and build your strength while integrating corrective measures to sustain the training involved. During this 6-month “running club,” you’ll boost your speed and endurance as you progress from running a 5K to running a half marathon. In addition, you’ll participate in 13 individual online or local training sessions where you’ll receive personalized corrective exercises to improve your form, increase your flexibility, and reduce your injury rates. Through monthly exercise videos customized for runners, you’ll get a total body workout designed to build strength and correct weaknesses that are common among runners.

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Healthy Holidays Challenge



Is it so bad to want to maintain during the Holidays? I think not! Check out the Healthy Holidays Challenge as a way to stay accountable during this busy season where weight gain can feel inevitable. Not anymore! Keep that belt cinched up and let’s rock and roll!

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