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AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I have been working out with Jennifer since March. She has helped me to reach my goals, and I feel amazing. Her workouts are tough but fun--there is a lot of variety. Jennifer is so encouraging too. I would recommend these classes to anyone! -Monica

I have had an amazing experience with Jennifer. She truly cares about her people and their well being. She's also a great trainer who will work you out hard! -Sarah

AWESOME FITNESS OPTION! Jennifer is very creative and that shines through in our workouts! Each workout is a new and fun adventure. That's saying a lot since I've been with working out with Jennifer since the start of JCBC Fitness (Training With Jennifer)! She is a fantastic trainer! Come and join us! -Rachel L.

I would recommend [Jennifer] to anyone who is not too sure about exercise. Its a great program to get started with and the results (if you stick with it) are amazing. It is like having a personal fitness trainer three times a week for an hour. In addition, to providing physical activity, the instructor also offers a variety of nutritional programs that you can choose to use or not. To top it all off the price is reasonable. -Lauren H

BOOTCAMP ROCKS! I have had an amazing experience with Jennifer. She truly cares about her people and their well being. She's also a great trainer who will work you out hard! -Sarah G

LOVING THE GROUP CLASS! As a 40+ year old newbie I was worried I had gotten in over my head. Jenny has been great by ensuring I took it easy, kept my own pace and changing the exercise to fit my level but still get the benefits. There truly is no competition about who does the exercise best or fastest. She provides encouragement to help me stretch myself and work hard every class. I love doing something different every day. -Suzanne A

[Jennifer] IS AWESOME! The exercises are amazing and leave you feeling energized for your day! Every day is different and so exercise cannot get boring!! The time is really early and the only complaint is I wish there was an 830 class to attend once the kiddos are at school!! -Monte Y

At the age of 52, after 2 years of Breast Cancer treatment and 1 year in recovery, I received the chance of a life time to travel to the jungle countries SE Asia for 7 weeks. But, could I physically do it?My goal with [Jennifer] was not weight loss, although that would be great, but increase my strength and endurance. For the last 16 weeks I have sweated, grunted, sore muscles and wished I had never signed up for the program.Today I am lifting things I struggled with before and my endurance runs circles around my retired military husband and he loves the new me. My shoulders are square, my back is tight, my butt and thighs have firmed up and I sleep much better. Most of all I am loving the new me and have no question that I can do 7 weeks in the jungle countries of SE Asia. My only regret is I wish I had started this 16 weeks earlier. - Debora M

I didn't start working with Jennifer to get into a swim suit, or to wear short shorts in the summer. I literally joined for my health. As I got older and heavier, I noticed how much sicker I got. I started on regular perscriptions due to my health, which was due to my weight. Its scary thinking that at 27 I already have high blood pressure and "bad knees". The 1st day of class, I absolutely believed that I wouldn't make it through. It only took 3 classes for me to get motivated and I noticed a huge difference in my 1st session alone. I know that I am being given the tools to make me healthy for life, and plan on sticking with this program until I am healthy again! Jen has been an absolute life saver and supporter. I know that if I stay on this program, I am adding years to my life, and my life with my son. I am so grateful that I am being shown each class that I can reach even further with my fitness than I ever thought possible. -Brandii S

Participating with Jennifer has been a very motivating experience. I am making progress towards my fitness and weight loss goals. I really enjoy the personal direction and motivation. Everyone in the class is supportive, encouraging and fun! -Nancy in Olathe

I am a 25 year old single female with a very crazy schedule! I work two jobs which ends up being 7 days a week on most weeks, have two dogs, and run a crazy household. I have a background in dancing for many years and was very skeptical to begin this program for fear of being let down that I could not transform my body into what it used to be. I actually agreed to join because a friend of mine was having health problems and figured this was my "friendly duty" to support her. What I have found is that I can have fun while working out and that this is something to look forward to. Not only have I lost 8.5 inches in 3 weeks, but this is by far the best way to unwind from a crazy day at work. I find myself resting easier, my clothes are already becoming loose, and both coworkers and family have already noticed! The most suprising part was that I was always under the impression that only heavier women were able to see results quickly. I started this class weighing 157 pounds and three weeks later I weighed at 152 with 8.5 inches gone! I appreciate the individual time that Jen puts in to each and every member. This includes modifying exercises, discussing health concerns, brainstorming healthy goals, and identifying better foods to incorporate in my diet. I have never attended any other program that has provided as much success and results in such a short amount of time. Great Job Jen! -Andrea L

My oldest daughter Kelsey died in a car crash in 2006. She had always been my motivator in the excercise department and when I lost her,I didn't really care about how I looked or when and how much I exercised. This program has helped me get the motivation to live again and love how I can love myself more. Thanks, Jennifer!!!! -Patty P

I was really unsure about the early morning exercises but I find that I enjoy getting up early and starting my day doing something positive for myself. I have more energy throughout the day and the stress of my job seems easier to handle. The classes themselves were a pleasant surprise with the noncompetitive atmosphere and the one on one instruction and assistance from Jennifer. She works with each person so they can reach the correct level of intensity for their workout. I had some difficulty the first few days of class but Jennifer discussed the situation with me and we came up with a plan to help me through it. She then made sure I stuck with the plan and ultimately the results were very positive. The class participants are all friendly and the classes are enjoyable even though you are working hard. It is a wonderful class for women who want to feel better and get into shape but want to do it in a friendly atmosphere. -Jean P

I have several thoughts on Training With Jennifer. First, I had fun! This is very important! If I don't enjoy what I am doing then I am less likely to stick with it. Second, I made some new friends. The ladies in our group were very supportive of each other and had a positive attitude! Third, I feel empowered! Waking up early in the morning and completing a challenging workout while most of the world is still asleep gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Fourth, your body really does burn more calories throughout the day after doing high intensity interval raining. I use a Body Bug which tells you how many calories you burn each day. On average I would burn and extra 50 to 100 calories per day after completing Jennifer's workouts. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that wants to feel healthy, inside and out. -Rachel in Olathe