Hello everyone!

It has been a crazy couple years at Training With Jennifer. My site is in need of some serious TLC and so I decided to shut it down temporarily. Yes, it still doesn’t look that great…I’ll see if I can clean it up a little bit 🙂

I say “temporarily” because in August of 2016 I decided to semi-retire from the fitness industry. In 1998 I started with my first gig to this moment where I work with corporate clients.

It was a hard decision to not offer group or private training initially. As time has gone on, it was best for my family.

If you are here, I hope that means you are waiting to see what I will do next…

I am re-evaluating personal, professional and family life with the hope of returning with a more balanced approach – that will be best for me and my clients.

So, please stay in touch and return here or my facebook page to see if I’ve announced a return.

Thank you for understanding and I hope we meet again soon!